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Oasis - Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Rooms

No need to leave your beloved pets home!

Phone: 08 8648 9000 to enquire

We have a limited number of dedicated pet friendly rooms available on request.
$10 pet fee per night applies, plus a one off $50 cleaning fee per stay.

Terms and conditions include:

- 1 large or 2 small dogs permitted inside the allocated pet rooms.

- Pets are not allowed on furniture so if you think your pet will jump on furniture please bring a sheet/blanket to cover furniture. (The blankets provided in the rooms are for human use only). No wet dogs are allowed inside any accommodation.

- Dogs who sleep in vehicles or trailer are welcome

- There are extensive lawn areas just outside the property for dogs to exercise.

- Pets not permitted in pool or BBQ areas.

- Please bring pet bedding and bowls.

- Pet blankets or bedding are not to be placed in washing machines or dryers.

- Dogs not to be left unsupervised.

- Dogs must be on a leash when moving about the property due to vehicles, staff and other guests.

- The type, breed & size of the pet must be declared at the time of reservation.

- Any damage done by pets while staying the property must be paid for by the dog’s owner (replacement cost) this includes damage to the garden.

- Owners must pick up/clean up after their pets and put rubbish in wheelie bin.

- Pets are not allowed inside any bedrooms.

We do understand that dogs will bark occasionally and that is fine and acceptable, but not if the barking is constant for any length of time.

Any compensation required to be paid to another guest due to disturbances caused by your pet will be invoiced to you for payment.

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